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Again, one of Turkey’s leading banks give loans according to our needs with the appropriate lending rates to Good Finance we are. Good Finance applies different interest rates according to the amount you receive, and provides loans with different interest rates of minimum 5,000 Turkish Liras and maximum 55,000 Turkish Liras. Apart from general purpose loans, these figures are higher in other types of loans. When applying for this, just pay attention to the type of credit.

There are many types of loans at Good Finance. You can apply for these loans from both branches, telephone banking and sms. In this article, we will talk about consumer loans, vehicle loans and housing loans offered by Good Finance for its customers. We will also share sample loan calculation and interest rates for these types of loans. It should be noted that interest rates may vary continuously.

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You can use your approved consumer loan instantly or from your nearest Good Finance Branch after you have approved all the documents with the option of Loan Use under the Loans menu in the Internet or Mobile Banking Branch. Click for detailed interest rates.

Good Finance has the right to make the final decision for the use of the approved loan, to request guarantor and additional documents and to change the interest rate.

Good Finance Vehicle Loan

Good Finance Vehicle Loan

Reach your dream with our 0 km or 2nd hand, convenient maturity and interest rate vehicle loans. Moreover, with the opportunity to postpone installments for 3 months! It is possible to have a vehicle with Good Finance vehicle loans, which you can choose for your zero mileage or second hand vehicles, with suitable interest rates and equal payment installments.

Table 2 : Good Finance TL 25 thousand vehicle loan calculation table.

  • Proper maturity and rates
  • Fixed interest, equal or flexible installment payment plan
  • Possibility to postpone installments up to 3 months *
  • To be able to receive your application within 1 business day
  • It allows you to set your repayment days according to your preference up to 45 days after the loan is used.

Good Finance Housing Loan

Good Finance Housing Loan

Good Finance is at the side of its customers with its expert staff and housing loan products according to the needs so that everyone can own a house.

You can use mortgage loan with fixed interest option and pay your loan in equal installments. You can benefit from maturity options up to 25 years. You can use up to 80% of the appraisal value of the house you will buy.

  • * In case of housing insurance, life insurance and DASK from our bank, interest rate of housing loan decreases by 0.02% points.
  • * Dask and Housing insurance varies according to the location and square meter of the residence. Click here for detailed insurance fees.
  • ** Loan Allocation Fee is initially for once and is calculated as 0.5% (five-thousandths) of the loan amount.
  • *** 148,68 TL (VAT included) is the sum of the Real Estate Pledge Fee and 700 TL (VAT Included) Expertise Fee. The appraisal fee varies according to the location and size of the property. The applicable fee is the average rate applicable to the apartment, residential and villa up to 500 m².
  • **** The monthly and annual total cost rates include all interest and fees charged for the loan. Total cost ratios in the table are calculated over sample maturity and sample amount.

How to Apply for Good Finance Loan?

How to Apply for Good Finance Loan?


There are 5 ways to apply for Good Finance loan. These are web loan application, atm application, sms application, phone banking application and branches application.

Not all of these methods apply to every credit. Some credits are only available at the branch and others are only available online. The following describes how to apply for a loan to Good Finance in many ways.


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