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Again, one of Turkey’s leading banks give loans according to our needs with the appropriate lending rates to Good Finance we are. Good Finance applies different interest rates according to the amount you receive, and provides loans with different interest rates of minimum 5,000 Turkish Liras and maximum 55,000 Turkish Liras. Apart from general purpose Continue Reading

Longer term for loan repayment

Anyone who finances a residual debt or refurbishment with a credit may take longer to repay. This can lower the monthly charges for borrowing money. Maximum duration Lender Good Lender has recently increased the maximum term for the Residential Debt Financing and the Beter Wonen Financing. These loans may now be repaid in a maximum Continue Reading

Save money on your vacation

Vacations can become a nightmare for those who need to save money. After all, travel is expensive and imbalances any budget. If this is the case of your family, your problems are solved. Why not vacation in your own town? You have fun and have not yet finished the month in the network. You save Continue Reading